Safe Travels

PEPSI Travel (PDF)

A: Are you all set?
B: Yes, I’m ready! Nice car. Thank you for picking me up. I’m looking forward to our trip!
A: No problem. Let’s hit the road!


Are you all set? (e) – Are you ready? Do you have everything you need?
To pick someone up (pv) – to go somewhere to collect someone.
To look forward to something (pv) – to anticipate something with excitement, to be pleased about something that will happen in the future.
To hit the road (i)(s) – to start a journey, to begin travelling with road vehicle (car, bus, motorcycle), or to leave.

A: When tourists visit new cities they always go to the very popular attractions or landmarks.
B: I think more people should go off the beaten path and explore places that only locals know about. I think that’s the best way to experience the true colors of a city.


To go off the beaten path (i) – to go to places that are not so frequently visited.
True colors (i)(n) – the reality or real nature of a situation or person.

A: Why is there so much traffic right now?
B: It’s rush hour. People get off work at this hour.
A: I hope I can arrive at the airport before the airplane takes off. I’m worried about the time. But thank you for dropping me off and seeing me off at the airport.
B: No worries. You’re my best friend! I always hate to part ways with you.


Rush hour (i)(n) – the time of day when there are a lot of traffic jams, mainly because people are coming to or from work.
To get off (from) work (i) to leave one’s workplace at the end of the day.
To take off (pv) – when an airplane leaves the ground and begins to fly.
To see someone off (pv) – to go to the place someone is leaving from to say goodbye. Usually, you go to the train station, airport or bus station to see someone off.
To drop someone off (pv) – to deliver someone to a place and leave him or her there. To give someone a ride to some place.
To part ways (i) – to go in different directions, to say goodbye to one another.

A: The architecture in this city is amazing! Everything is so historic and beautiful. It must have taken them decades to build all of these landmarks.
B: Of course it took them a long time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
A: That’s right.


Rome wasn’t built in a day (p)truth: it takes a long time to create something complicated or impressive, it takes a long time to learn a skill.

A: What do you like about living in this city?
B: I love the diversity. It’s a melting pot. I can meet people from all walks of life.
A: How long have you been living here?
B: I’ve been living here for almost a year. Time flies! I still don’t understand a lot of the customs in this country. But when in Rome, do as Romans do.


A melting pot (i)(n) – a multicultural place.
People from all walks of life (i) – people from different backgrounds (socio-economic level, age groups, ethnicity, nationality personality, job).
Time flies (e) – time goes by really fast, usually because you’re enjoying your time.
When in Rome, do as Romans do (p) – advice: behave like the people around you. If you visit a different place or culture, you should learn their customs and practices.

A: It was so great to see you again. I had a lot of fun catching up with you.
B: I can’t believe I bumped into you here. It’s a small world.
A: What a coincidence! Oh my God, look at the time. I have to take off. I’ll call you soon.
B: Take care and keep in touch!
A: I will. Bye!


To catch up with someone (pv) – To talk with someone you haven’t seen in a long time, and updating the other person on your life, and learning about their life as well.
To bump into someone (pv) – To accidentally or coincidentally meet someone.
It’s a small world (e) – express surprise when meeting someone coincidentally, especially in a distant place. Or when you have mutual friends or acquaintances with someone. (Disney attraction).
Take care (e) – to keep yourself safe, used when saying goodbye. Synonyms: Goodbye, Have a good one, Take it easy, See you, Catch you later, Peace out (s).
Keep in touch (e) – to maintain communication with someone, usually used when you won’t see the other person soon.

PEPSI Discussion Questions

  1. Did anyone pick you up when you came to this city?
  2. Are you looking forward to anything?
  3. Describe places in your city that are on the beaten path. What about places off the beaten path?
  4. Do you know the song, ‘Hit the Road, Jack’ by Ray Charles? (Find it online and listen to it)
  5. Describe the rush hour in your city. How busy are the roads, the subways, the streets and the buses?
  6. What time do most people get off work in your country? What do you usually do after work or school?
  7. Who normally drops you off or sees you off at the airport when you travel to another country?
  8. What skills would you love to learn? What’s the best way to learn something?
  9. When does time fly for you?
  10. Is your city a melting pot? Which cities in the world are melting pots?
  11. Are there any customs you had to learn when you traveled or move to another country? Did you have culture shock?
  12. Is there anyone you would like to catch up with?
  13. Do you think we live in a big world or a small world?