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PEPSI Love 2 (PDF)

A: How was your first date?
B: I think she’s out of my league. I think we’re at different levels. She’s smart, beautiful, and ambitious. I’m just an average guy.
A: Don’t say that. You’re a great guy!
B: Thanks, but I might have come on to her too strong. I made too much eye contact. I think she already put me in the friend zone.


To be out of one’s league (i): when someone is too good, or has much better characteristics (intelligence, appearance, accomplishments, personality). A league in sports is a specific group that plays for a championship, so someone out of that league is not at that level.
Ambitious (adj): having a strong desire to be successful, powerful, or famous.
To come on to someone (pv)(s): to flirt with someone, to show romantic, even sexual interest. Synonyms: To hit on someone (pv), to make a move on someone (s).
To put someone in the friend zone (s) | to friendzone someone (s)(v) | the friend zone (s)(n): when someone thinks of another person only as a friend and has no romantic feelings for him or her. Women often put their male friends in the friend zone when they are not interested.

A: How did it go?
B: Terrible! She stood me up. We planned to meet at 8:00pm but she didn’t show up. I called her but her phone was off.
A: Maybe, she had some kind of emergency? How long did you wait?
B: One hour…


To show up (pv) – to appear, to arrive, to turn up.
To stand someone up (pv) – to fail to meet someone you arranged to meet.

A: Guess what? 🙁
B: What? I’m all ears.
A: My husband had an affair with his co-worker. He broke my heart.
B: Oh my gosh! Don’t put up with him anymore. This is his second time. Get rid of him!
A: I’m going to divorce him. I can’t do this anymore.


Guess what? (e) – short for ‘Guess what happened to me’ or ‘You won’t believe what happened to me’, often you respond with ‘what?’ Can be used both a positive or negative way. 
I’m all ears (e) 
– I’m listening, you have my full attention. 
To have an affair with someone (i) 
– to cheat on your partner.
To break someone’s heart (i) – to make someone feel sad or hopeless, because of a break up or an affair.
Oh my Gosh (e)(s) – used to express surprise or shock. Synonyms: Oh my God, Oh my Goodness, OMG.
To put up with someone/something (pv) – to tolerate an unpleasant person, situation or experience. To suffer through, or allow something/someone unpleasant.
To get rid of someone/something (pv) – To remove, to abolish, to throw away, or to lose something.

A: I miss my ex-boyfriend. I want to get back together.
B: Been there, done that. No offense, but don’t be stupid. It’s over.
A: I was so wasted last night, and I drunk dialed him. I told him that I still love him, but he turned me down.
B: Face it! He doesn’t love you anymore. It’s just unrequited love.


To get back together with someone (pv) – to make up, to fix or repair a relationship with someone after breaking up with him/her.
Been there, done that (e) – I’ve been there, and I’ve done that. It’s nothing new.
No offense (e)(s) – I don’t want you to feel bad or angry, but… (Follows something negative)
Wasted (s)(adj) – super drunk.
To drunk dial someone (s)(v) – to call someone when drunk, especially to someone you shouldn’t be talking to (ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend).
To turn someone down (pv) – to reject someone.
Face it (e) – used to tell someone to accept the truth and face the facts.
Unrequited love: one-side love, when you love someone but they don’t love you back.

A: How’s your relationship with your girlfriend?
B: Don’t ask. It’s a rollercoaster. I feel like we’re drifting apart. We rarely talk anymore.


Don’t ask (e) – it’s not good, or they don’t want to talk about it.
A rollercoaster (i)(n) – a relationship or situation that is up and down. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s bad.
To drift apart from someone (pv) – to lose personal contact with someone who you were once close with.
Rarely (adv) – infrequently, not very often.

PEPSI Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever dated someone who was out of your league? Why did you think he or she was out of your league?
  2. If you were at a bar, and a man or a woman came on to your partner, what would you do?
  3. Have you ever been put in the friendzone? Have you ever friendzoned anyone? How did you feel?
  4. Have you ever been stood up? Have you ever stood anyone up? What happened?
  5. What would you do if your partner had an affair? Have you ever thought about having an open relationship?
  6. Do you have to put up with any of your partner’s or friend’s annoying habits or behavior? Explain.
  7. What is a bad habit or personality trait you want to get rid of?
  8. Have you ever broken up with someone and then gotten back together with them later?
  9. Tell me about a time you were wasted.
  10. Have you ever drunk dialed anyone? What did you say? How did you feel?
  11. How would you turn someone down? What would you say? What if they are a friend?
  12. Have you been in a rollercoaster relationship? What happened?
  13. Do you feel like you’re drifting apart from anyone recently? Explain.