Happy Learning!

PEPSI Learning (PDF)

A: That old guy with grey hair drives a really cheap car. He must be poor.
B: Who, that guy? He’s Warren Buffet, a billionaire! He has a ton of money but he prefers to live frugally. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
A: Seriously?! There’s more than meets the eye. I shouldn’t take everything at face value.


Don’t judge a book by its cover (p)Warning: You shouldn’t judge something or someone by only looking at the surface. Appearances are superficial, you should look deeper, focus on the inside. You can’t know what’s inside from the outside.
There’s more than meets the eye (i) – something or someone is more complex, more important, more interesting than what you see initially. There’s more than just the surface, or appearance.
To take something at face value (i) – to only look at the surface, to accept something or someone just as it appears.

A: Wow, you speak English very well. How long have you been studying?
B: Oh, I didn’t study. I just picked it up by watching American sitcoms.
A: That’s incredible! I want to learn Spanish but I have been putting it off. I keep procrastinating, and I never start.


To pick something up (pv) – to learn something without formal instruction.
To put something off (pv) – to postpone/to delay/to procrastinate.

A: Did you study for the exam today?
B: I pulled off an all-nighter. I stayed up all night studying. I’m beat!
A: Me too. I’m dead tired! Do you know everything by heart?
B: Yeah, I think so. I think I memorized all the material.


To pull something off (pv) – to succeed in achieving something difficult, to make something happen, to accomplish something.
To stay up (pv) – to not sleep, to be awake.
To pull (off) an all-nighter (s)(n) – to not sleep all night for work or your studies, usually to meet a deadline.
I’m beat (e) – I’m tired. Synonym: I’m dead tired. I’m exhausted.
To know something (off) by heart (i) – to know something from memory, to have something memorized perfectly with no gaps in knowledge.

A: Which school of thought do you belong to? Evolution or Creationism?
B: I support Darwin’s idea of Evolution. Humans evolved from apes.
A: We’re not on the same page. I believed God created the world.
B: To each his own.


A school of thought (i)(n) – a way of thinking, a point of view held by a particular group, or a particular philosophy.
To be on the same page (i) – to have the same information, to think in a similar way or to be in agreement.
To each his own (p) – everyone has his or her own opinion or tastes and we should respect that.

A: What do you do in your free time?
B: I’m a bookworm. I really love reading. I read two books every week.
A: That’s impressive! You must be really smart.
B: People say I’m book smart, but I’m not very good in relationships with other people. I’m an open book and I can’t hide my emotions, so people sometimes misunderstand me.
A: I’m the opposite. I’m street smart. I’m a people person. I enjoy socializing and getting to know other people.


A bookworm (s)(n) – a person who loves reading.
An open book (n) – 1) someone whose life is visible to everyone, not kept a secret. 2) Someone who can’t hide his or her thoughts/feelings.
Book-smart (s)(adj) – someone who has a lot of academic book knowledge, but often isn’t very good at dealing with people or situations in real life.
Street-smart (s)(adj) – opposite of book-smart, someone who has more real life knowledge, knows how to deal with people and knows what’s going on in the world nowadays.
A people person (s)(n) – a person who enjoys talking to other people, who is friendly and warm to strangers and others.

PEPSI Discussion Questions

  1. Why do we judge a book by only looking at the cover? Have you ever misjudged someone?
  2. Do you often take things at face value? How long does it take to really know someone?
  3. Tell me about a skill you picked up when you were younger.
  4. Have you been putting anything off recently?
  5. Do you stay up late? Do you have any morning or evening routines?
  6. Have you pulled off an all-nighter before? When? Why?
  7. Do you know your own phone number by heart? Whose phone number do you know by heart?
  8. Are you a bookworm? Have you read books recently? What kind of books do you like to read? Do you know anyone else who is a bookworm?
  9. Do you think you’re an open book or a closed book? What are some things you are not comfortable sharing with others or with friends?
  10. Are you more book smart or street smart? Which one is more important to become successful in life?
  11. Are you a people person? Do you know anyone else who is a people person? 
  12. Which school of thought do you belong to? Evolution or Creationism? Pro-abortion or Anti-abortion? Pro death penalty or against the death penalty?