Vitruvian Man

PEPSI Body 1 (PDF)

A: I’m fed up with housework. I spend all day cleaning and cooking. I’m so sick and tired of it.
B: So am I! My children never leave me alone. It’s a pain in the ass.


To be fed up with (someone/something) (pv) to be annoyed, sick, tired, bored or disappointed with something or someone. When you’ve had enough of something or someone, it’s annoying or irritating you and you want it to finish. Synonyms: sick of, tired of, had enough of.
To be a pain in the ass (i)(s)(offensive)something or someone is very annoying, irritating or frustrating. Synonyms: a pain in the neck, a pain in the butt, a pain in the arse (UK).

A: You seem like a smart guy and knowledgeable about web design. I would love to talk to you about starting a website. Can I pick your brain sometime?
B: Yeah sure, anytime. Ask me any questions you have.


To pick someone’s brain (i)(s) – to get information or learn more about a specific topic by asking an expert or someone who has more knowledge about that subject. The idea is to borrow someone’s brain to get more ideas.

A: I need to get something off my chest.
B: What’s wrong? What’s troubling you?
A: Your friend Jessica, she has a really big mouth. She told your secret to all of her friends. She’s also been badmouthing you behind your back.
B: I can’t believe it. Why would she do that?
A: Dunno. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I needed to tell you.


To get something off one’s chest (i) – to tell someone about something that has been bothering or worrying you, and that you’ve wanted to say for some time.
To have a big mouth (s) a person who can’t keep secrets and enjoys spreading gossip.
To badmouth someone (s)(v) – to insult or criticize someone, usually behind his or her back.
To do something behind someone’s back (i) – to do something without letting that person know about it, without their knowledge, secretly.
Dunno (e)(s)(contraction)I don’t know. Synonyms: Beats me, I have no idea/clue, How would I know?, don’t ask me, who knows?
To hold something in (pv) – to keep one’s emotions hidden inside. Synonym: to keep something in.

A: Excuse me. I need to go to the restroom. Could you keep an eye on my stuff?
B: Yeah, no problem.


To keep an eye on something or someone (i) – to watch something or someone.

A: Your wedding is tomorrow! How are you feeling?
B: I’m getting cold feet. I feel so nervous and I don’t think I want to marry her.
A: Are you serious?
B: Face it. Our relationship has never been great. I won’t be happy with her.


To get cold feet (i) – to feel nervous and change one’s mind, especially when you planned to do something very important (e.g. marriage, giving a speech).
Are you serious? (e) – a question you ask when you can’t believe what the other person said. Synonyms: Are you being serious? Seriously? Really? No Way! Are you kidding me?
(Let’s) face it (e) – to accept the truth or reality.

A: Do you think it’s better to be single or married?
B: That’s a difficult question. On the one hand, when you’re single you have a lot of freedom and time to do what you want to do. On the other hand, when you’re married you can share your life with someone and support each other.


On the one hand | On the other hand (i) – used to describe two contrasting ideas, options, or opinions. Use on the one hand to describe one idea, and on the other hand, to describe the opposite idea.

PEPSI Discussion Questions 

  1. Are you fed up with anything or anyone recently?
  2. What or who is a pain in the ass for you?
  3. If you could ask anyone in the world (dead or alive) to pick his or her brain, who would you choose, and why?
  4. Is there anything you want to get off your chest?
  5. Do you know anyone with a big mouth?
  6. Has anyone ever badmouthed you? What did you do?
  7. Has anyone ever spread false rumors or gossip about you behind your back? What did you do?
  8. Do you usually hold your emotions in, or express them?
  9. Have you ever gotten cold feet? Or know someone who got cold feet before doing something really important?
  10. Debate the following topics (use on the one hand, on the other hand to express contrasting ideas):
    • Abortion: legal or illegal?
    • Same sex marriage: legal or illegal?
    • Death penalty: legal or illegal?
    • Animal testing: legal or illegal?