Animal Farm

Image: Animal Farm (1954 Movie)

PEPSI Animals (PDF)

A: What are you doing this vacation?
B: I’m going to stay home. I’m a homebody and I prefer staycations.
A: What will you do at home?
B: Maybe, read books and write in my journal. I like to be with myself, I’m a lone wolf.
A: You’re also a bookworm! Carpe Diem, man! Let’s hang out.


A homebody (s)(n) – a person who likes to stay at home.
A staycation (s)(n)
– a vacation spent in one’s home or home city, involving day trips to local attractions (stay + vacation).
A lone wolf (i)(n) – an independent person who prefers to be and do things alone.
A bookworm (i)(n) – a person who loves reading books or studies a lot.
Carpe diem (e) (Latin) /’car-pay ‘dee-um/ – seize the day, live in the present. Another expression is YOLO meaning you only live once.
Man (s)(n) – friend, buddy, brother, bro, dude, chief, boss, mate (UK).
To hang out with someone (pv)(s) – to spend time with someone, usually talking or relaxing.

A: Michael and Jane are dating!
B: I know. A little bird told me. But I can’t tell you who.


A little bird told me (i)(e) – used when you don’t want to tell the person who gave you the information. To have learned something from a mysterious unknown, secret source.

A: How come people from the same country always stay with each other? They should spend more time with people from other countries.
B: I guess because birds of a feather flock together.


Birds of a feather flock together (p) – people tend to associate with those whose values, cultures and interests are similar (express the truth).

A: Did you meet the new girl in our class? She’s so strange and odd. While the teacher is talking, she’s usually drawing animals in her notebook. She often looks at me strangely.
B: She’s the black sheep of our class.
A: Speak of the devil! There she is!


The black sheep (i)(n) – a member of a family or group whose behaviour or character is different or strange.
Speak of the devil (and he shall appear) (e) – when a person appears after you mention his/her name.

A: What color shirt should I wear for the dinner party?
B: I don’t have time for such unimportant things. I have bigger fish to fry. I have a very important meeting coming up.


To have bigger fish to fry (i) – to have more important, or interesting things to do.
To come up (pv) (multiple meanings) – a situation or event that will happen soon, is approaching or drawing near

A: I heard you’re going skydiving with Jane this weekend.
B: Unfortunately, we had to call it off. She cancelled our plan.
A: Why? What happened?
B: She chickened out. She was scared.


To call something off (pv) (multiple meanings) – To cancel an event.
To chicken out (pv)(s) – To decide not to do something because you are scared.

PEPSI Discussion Questions 

  1. Are you a homebody?
  2. Do you prefer staycations or vacations in a different city or country?
  3. Do you know anyone who is a lone wolf? Describe him/her.
  4. Are you a bookworm? What kind of books do you read?
  5. In your country, what do close friends call each other? Do you use words like ‘man’, ‘bro’ or ‘dude’?
  6. Why do birds of a feather flock together?
  7. Who is the black sheep in your family? Why?
  8. In your country, do you have a similar expression for ‘speak of the devil‘? 
  9. Do you have any event coming up soon?
  10. Have you ever chickened out? What happened? How did you feel?