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PEPSI Animals 2 (PDF)

A: Do you work better in the morning or at night?
B: I’m an early bird so I have a lot of energy in the morning.
A: Really? I’m the opposite. I’m a night owl.
B: My mother always told me, “An early bird catches the worm.”
A: I think that’s good advice. I sleep too late every day.


An early bird (i)(n) – a person who wakes up early, likes to work in the morning.
A night owl (i)(n) –a person who sleeps late, prefers to work at night.
An early bird catches the worm (p) – if you wake up and get work early, you will succeed.

A: I hate the corruption that’s happening in the business world.
B: Exactly! Fat cats are earning such high salaries and bonuses. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Everything is driven by greed.
A: Normal folks like us are just stuck in the rat race. Everyday we work hard and compete with others to pay our bills and provide for our families.


A fat cat (s)(n)(offensive)an important, wealthy, or powerful person.
The rat race (i)(n) – the competitive and stressful world of work and business. The busy lifestyle of going to work every day to earn money and compete with others.
Folk (s)(n) – 1) people in general 2) friendly way to address people. E.g. hi folks! 3)(US) parents.
To provide (something) for someone (pv) – to take care of someone by making money so that the person can buy the things he or she needs. e.g. to provide food and care for children.

A: What’s up, dog?
B: Man, bad news.
A: What happened? It sounds serious.
B: James let the cat out of the bag. He accidentally told Maria about her surprise birthday party tomorrow.
A: Seriously? What a disaster!


What’s up (e)(s) – informal expression used to greet someone. Synonyms: How are you? How are you doing? What’s going on? What’s new? What up? Sup? What’s good? 
Dog (dawg) = Man (s)(n) – friend, buddy, brother, boy, bro, dude, chief, boss, mate (UK).
To let the cat out of the bag (i) – to tell someone a secret, usually accidentally.

A: Lately, there have been a lot of copycat murders on the news.
B: I heard about that. People copy criminal acts inspired by books, television shows, or news stories.


A copycat (i)(n) – someone who copies or imitates someone else’s work, style, or behavior.
A copycat crime (n)(psychology) – a criminal act inspired by a previous crime in books, new stories, movies, or TV shows. Criminals behave in a similar way and copy what they see or read somewhere else.

Police: You’re under arrest. I’m working as an undercover cop.
Gangster (Mafia): I had thought I smelled a rat. I can’t believe you ratted me out. I knew something was fishy about you. Are we not friends?
Police: I’m not friends with criminals.
Gangster: You will pay for this.


You’re under arrest (e) – expression used by the police when they arrest a criminal.
A cop (s)(n) – a police officer.
A rat (s)(n) – a disloyal, untrustworthy person. A spy.
To smell a rat (i) – to believe something is wrong, or someone is dishonest.
To rat someone out (pv) – to betray someone, to give information about someone to an enemy or to stop supporting someone.
Fishy (s)(adj) – causing doubt or suspicion, something/someone is likely to be bad, dishonest.

PEPSI Discussion Questions 

  1. Are you an early bird or a night owl? or both?
  2. Do you agree with the proverb ‘an early bird catches the worm‘?
  3. Do fat cats in your country have a lot of power? Do they control politicians for example? Do you know any fat cats?
  4. Do you feel like you are in the rat race? What should people do if they want to get out of the rat race?
  5. Did or do you have to provide for anyone?
  6. In your country, what do close friends call each other? Do you use words like ‘dog’, ‘man’ or ‘dude’?
  7. Have you ever let a cat out of the bag? Accidentally revealed a big secret to someone who wasn’t supposed to know?
  8. When you were younger, were you a copycat? Does or did anyone copy you all the time (e.g. your brother, sister, friend)?
  9. Have you heard of copycat crimes? Do you know any?
  10. Do you enjoy crime movies? Do you know any great undercover police stories? Who was the rat? Did the others think there was something fishy?