Nelson D. W. Lin
Teacher. Reader. Writer

Hi, my name is Nelson. I’m passionate about language, self-development, and thinking. 
I have worked as an English and Business English teacher for over 6 years, and I speak 5 languages. My classes focuses on relevant, timely feedback; deliberate practice; motivation; psychology; learning strategies; and expert coaching. I work with business professionals on professional development, presentation and interviewing skills. I help students with university classes. Other tutoring services include: TOEFL, TOEIC and GMAT (Verbal). In addition, I offer courses on multidisciplinary thinking, self-improvement and self-knowledge. Students have described me as a coach, counselor, and mentor. Check out my writing if you’re interested in any of the topics above.

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Why Study with Me?


Each student has unique challenges and problems. Lessons are highly customized to each student’s individual needs. You can see results much quicker because the content, teaching style and lessons are made for you. 


No textbooks. No grammar exercises during class. The best way to learn is through conversation and feedback. My students often tell me how time passes so quickly because they are focused on the topic, and not on the language.

All Levels

My students come from all over the world; different ages, different levels, different backgrounds. I’m experienced at teaching at any levelbeginner, intermediate or advanced. 


When learning any new skill, one of the most important aspects is receiving specific, relevant and timely feedback. To improve your language ability, you need to be aware of your own mistakes and tendencies. My goal is to guide you towards self-correction. 

Active Listening

One of the biggest joys in life is when people give us their undivided attention and actually listen to what we have to say. My students deserve my full attention. I’m always listening and taking notes on your pronunciation, intonation, stress and word choice.


Students have described me as a counselor, consultant, therapist, coach and mentor. My job is not only to teach, but also to boost your confidence. I want you to become aware of how your beliefs, thoughts and feelings directly affect your behavior and ability. 


Teaching is a perfect harmony between my core talents and core values. It’s a natural extension of who I am. The greatest compliment that I’ve received is “You’re not only a great teacher but also a great person.” I believe in lifelong learning and there are no shortcuts to mastery. Each day I look forward to adding value to my students’ lives.


I have a unique perspective on culture because I have lived in 4 different countries and speak 5 languages. I understand the difficulties in living in another country and learning a different language. To improve your language skills, you also need to learn about the local culture. I’ve taught students from more than 50 countries. 


 I provide guidance far beyond language. Even after I have helped students with their specific needs, they often continue studying with me to learn and discuss big ideas from different subjects—business, finance, creativity, decision making, psychology, philosophy, and science. You’ll always find me with a book in my hand when I’m not teaching.

My Services

General English

Speaking Fluency

Reading & Writing

Professional Business English

Presentation Skills
Interview Skills
Content-based Lessons
Case Study Discussions

University Classes

Business (Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Decision Making, Marketing & Sales, HR, Operations)
Case Study Discussions (MBA)
Exam Preparation

English Language Test



College Applications
Academic Writing
Creative Writing
Proofreading & Editing


Critical Thinking
Creativity & Innovation

My Courses

Multidisciplinary Thinking

Tools, ideas, and mental models to improve your thinking and decision making. Use big ideas from multiple disciplines—business, psychology, economics, science, systems, mathematics—to solve and understand problems. Maximize your creativity by thinking across different subjects.

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Upgrade yourself and become a more inquisitive, mindful, and reflective individual. Discuss topics such as values, purpose, meaning, productivity, happiness, decision making, love, social and emotional intelligence, culture, creativity, intuition, personal finance, memory, and leadership.

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Socrates famously said, “Know Thyself.” Gain a better understanding of yourself, your relationship with other people and your connection with the world. Explore your motivation, passions, personality, dark side, insecurities, fears, thinking styles, intelligence, productivity, tendencies, and habits. 

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Student Background


Kiichi Hasegawa
Design Professional

Very practical, and helpful for the who lack conversational vocabulary. Since the worksheet (PEPSI) is providing such transparent definitions, and examples based on conversation, I personally think that this is the most effectual lesson I’ve ever taken to improve conversational vocabulary. For ESL students who’s reading my review right now, just try out PEPSI. You’ll definitely see a lot of improvement in yourself eventually.

Jeong Un Kang
Working Professional (Retail)

Do you know PEPSI? When I first met him, he told that word. I thought, is he a PEPSI promoter? Actually, he wasn’t. English has a lot of PEPSI, but many foreign students don’t know it. So they usually have a problem when they talk to native speakers. Fortunately, if you have a chance to study with Nelson, you are able to understand what natives speak in a conversation. In addition, he is young and passionate and friendly, also he’s style of feedback is really sweet. If I able to put myself in your shoes, definitely, I will find him and say, “I wanna study with you.”

Szu-Yu Lai
Working Professional (Education)

Nelson is the best foreigner teacher that I met in NY. I had lots of fun and learn English in a easy way in his class. Also he is a friendly teacher, he takes care of his students as family. If you have a chance to join his class, you must have lots of fun in learning English.

Goun Kim
Graduate Student (Business)

How can I explain about Nelson exactly! What an awesome teacher! You’re the best teacher I’ve ever met. Honestly, if I hadn’t met you, I would have gave up to study English. Thank you for your teaching. Just I wanna emphasize that I am really missing you and your class. Absolutely, you can make all students relaxed and confident. It is your big strength.

Huiju Chae
Graduate Student (Design)

Nelson is the best teacher ever. He is very funny and energetic. I like his teaching style. He knows how to teach English in a fun way. Also, he is very friendly to his students. I learned a lot and so much fun from him!

Kazuki Hiraoka
Working Professional (Real Estate)

I cannot describe him by a word. I’ve seen a lot of teacher but never seen a teacher like him before. His class will definitely improve your English. First of all, the PEPSI that he created has many vocabularies that’s used in the daily life. The more vocabulary you get the more it makes you want to learn about it. Using his humor also can be easier to remember them.

Jihee Ahn

Nelson is a great teacher. I had lots of fun in his class. He can help students understand and learn English easily. He is a very influential teacher to his students. He taught me useful vocabulary, expressions which can be applied to many situations in real life. He is a nice and wonderful teacher I’ve ever met.

Minji Sung
Graduate Student (Psychology)

Nelson was a great teacher. First, he is very friendly. Second, he is very funny. Third, he has his own teaching style. I feel like he is researching a lot to lecture very good. He checks our writings and give useful feedback to us. He never blames or scolds us even though we made a lot of mistakes. He just says good things and cheers us up. That made me try to speak more and more so I could speak in English very comfortably. Fourth, he likes teaching and being friends with us. I don’t think he teaches because he just has to. He looks enjoying teaching us. And he tries to help us sincerely. If you have a chance to take his class, do no hesitate.

Haruka Nakai
Undergraduate Student (Design)

Learning PEPSI is really important to make your English like a native speaker. Even if you know all grammar and vocabulary words, it would not sound natural when you talk with English speakers. This great teacher, Nelson, knows it and teach us with his fun personality. He’s taught me not only a lot of useful English but also important things to enjoy my life.

Shang-Chia Huang
Graduate Student (Business & Finance)

Nelson is the best teacher that I strongly recommend. His class is fun and diversified. Unlike others, he likes to read and learn. And then he uses them in his teaching style. He always thinks how he can improve his class. I’m not to say his teaching is useful or not because everyone has different learning environment. But if you are tired of rigid textbook, he will be your best choice.

Mikhaila Kim Steenkamp
Business English Teacher

These PEPSI lessons are brilliant! I used Nelson’s “Leadership” PEPSI worksheet in two of my Business English classes (one Upper Intermediate, one Advanced) and my students enjoyed the lessons so much and felt like they learn some really useful things. I’m really thankful to Nelson for sharing.

Vincent Louisiade
Graduate Student (Engineering)

I really enjoyed being a student of Nelson: he is very friendly and a hardworking teacher, caring about giving to its students interesting and meaningful contents: grounds for thought and personnel development.

Daiji Tokorotani
Health Professional

Let me introduce my great teacher Nelson. He made me change my mind to study language and NY life. Every time I remember my NY life and study English, always I’m reminded of Nelson. I guess every student that he taught would say he is not only a teacher but also a friend. And for me, yes. He is my mentor and friend.

Yaejin Lee
Graduate Student (Business)

Not only did he teach me English, but he also did teach me the American culture. I truly loved his teaching style. It was totally different from the traditional teaching style. He is open to new ideas and easy to talk with. He always look for an improvement and constantly research effective ways to teach his class. The best quality that he has is a passion for teaching. He really just loves to teach students that are willing to learn.

Wendell Mendes
Working Professional (Auditor)

Nelson was the best teacher that I’ve ever had in my life during the 35 years that I’ve studied...He is very committed and all the time he inspires everyone around him by his passion for people and for teaching. He has a clear vision about the students need, developing many topics that help the students to design efficient mental processes, maximizing the teaching process. On top of all the above, Nelson is a human being that knows that to live daily with anyone can only by achieved by ethics, loyalty, and respect, personality traits that can be seen as soon as you start studying with him.

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